Travel Photographer of the Year 2018

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Travel Photographer of the Year 2018
Vincitore assoluto del Contest internazionale Travel Photographer 2018
Il fotografo italiano Stefano Pensotti (dalla prima edizione del 2003 è il primo italiano ad essere nominato fotografo dell'anno) è stato dichiarato il vincitore assoluto per la sua straordinaria serie di immagini provenienti da otto diversi paesi, tra cui Etiopia, Georgia e Myanmar. Il suo portfolio mostra immagini di momenti intimi della vita quotidiana di semplici persone, da un uomo che fa un sonnellino in India a una scena di devozione religiosa in Senegal.

Stefano Pensotti (Italy), Travel Photographer of the Year: Overall Winner
Captured across three continents, professional Italian photographer Stefano Pensotti took home the TPOTY 2018 top prize with a selection of eight photographs that showcased the lives of ordinary people and their immediate surroundings. Demonstrating an impressive and mature scope, Pensotti’s photographs feature the dreadlocked and vibrantly adorned Senegalese Muslim sect known as Baye Fall; farmers from the lush meadows of the Ushguli, a picturesque hillside community in Georgia; the sun-drenched people of Timbuktu overlooking the ports of Kabara; and the frequent visitors to Budapest’s iconic Széchenyi Baths. Insightful and engaging, the TPOTY’s judging panel considered Pensotti’s work to provide a keenly genuine observational look into the many divergent communities around the world, while also reflecting the potential of contemporary travel photography.

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